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The covid-19 virus has taken everyone by surprise. It has caused severe disruption across the full gamut of society and has been particularly severe on the travel and tourism industry.

I’d like to thank all our friends and clients for their patience and understanding.  It is still an evolving situation with most airlines and reputable tourist operators offering fee free changes to their arrangements or enabling  clients to hold funds paid for future travel arrangements as a credit for a limited time so that these funds can be utilised once the current crisis has subsided. 


On the whole refunds are not being offered.  This is understandable.  By offering full refunds with little or no revenue coming in airlines and tourism operators would be putting their future and the future of their employees at even greater risk.  Travel agents have no say in this but can only implement the airline’s or tourism operator’s policy.


Current restrictions and flight suspensions are mostly expected to last at least until the end of May 2020.  Beyond that date things become a little uncertain.  If the situation continues I would expect these flight suspensions and restrictions to be extended.  If things rapidly improve I would expect a gradual return to normality, but many airline schedule changes are to be expected and that may mean changes to clients’ arrangements at their destination may be necessary.

Jacky and I will be keeping Ucango on Safari – African Travel Specialist running throughout all of this and will be more than ready to return to Africa when we are able.  It is ironic in a way that while the continent of Africa has been the least affected by covid-19 it is virtually impossible to get there with the suspension of international flights.  It’s a frustrating time and we both miss Africa, her people, her wildlife and her landscapes.  We miss the look of joy and astonishment on the faces of our guests when they encounter their first wild elephant or lion just a couple of metres away from the safety of the safari vehicle.

Another source of great satisfaction for Jacky and I is the constructing with close consultation with our clients their tailor-made African safari, focusing on their specific requirements and interests.  Just as satisfying is catching up with them on their return, more often than not to be told that it was the best holiday they’ve ever had.

So, when all this disruption is over and people can safely travel once more, we will be here to share Africa with you - the most exciting, romantic holiday destination on Earth.  Until then please be assured that we are at your service and only too happy to help you plan your future safari.


Again, we sincerely thank you all.

Peter and Jacky Emery.

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